Blue Bell Technologies

Chip-Level Repairing

‘Chip Level’ in technology means ‘Basic Level’ or ‘in-depth’

In computers, replacing a hard drive would be hard drive repair, but repair at chip level would means replacing the controller card, solder repair if necessary, etc. and thus getting the hard drive to work.

In automobiles, replacing the alternator would be alternator repair, but repair at chip level would mean taking the alternator apart, replacing the bearings, replacing the rotor if necessary, and then getting it to work properly.

‘Chip Level’ is purely a descriptive term denoting basic level, and does not mean computer or electronic chips literally.

Repairing process constitute repairing of motherboard, RAM, and every other thing at the chip level. Hence the name chip level repairing. In this process tiniest to tiniest problem in chips or things at chip level are repaired by skillful persons with advanced instruments.

We provide chip level services on server, desktop, laptop, notepad, tablet, all-in-one pc, mother board, laptop touch pad, camera. External and internal hard disk, monitor-crt, led & lcd screen, adaptor, printer, scanner, barcode scanner, speaker, ups off-line & on-line, etc.

We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) – With spare and without spare.

It is required as we face many problems in our computer systems some day or the other. Some of the repairs which comes under chip level services are :

  • Motherboard repairing
  • RAM check and repairing
  • SMPS check and repairing
  • Processor check and repairing
  • Card Debugging (both laptops and desktops)
  • Hard Disk Drive repairing (both internal and external).