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Hard Drive Defragmentation

The defragmentation process might take a very long time, depending on the usage size of your hard drive. To clean up your PC and to speed up the defragmentation process, it is recommended to do a drive cleanup prior to the defragmentation. Most likely, operating and application files are stored in your “C drive”, but it doesn’t hurt to do a cleanup + defragmentation on all of your hard drives every once in a while. Use this trick at your own risks

1. Launch the Disk Defragmenter utility by either:

    – “Start” >> “Programs” >> “Accessories” >> “System Tools” >> “Disk Defragmenter”, or:

    – “Start” >> “Run”, enter “dfrg.msc” then press Enter.

2. Select the disk you want to perform defragmentation (i.e. “Local Disk C”) and click “Defragment”:


3. Windows starts to defragment your selected hard drive as follow:


4. This process might take a while depending on the size and usage of your hard drive. During this process, your computer might be running slow. Fortunately, you can always pause and resume the process if you want to use other applications on your PC at a normal speed.